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KV Academy is a renowned educational institution that provides coaching to thousands of students every month. The academy is focused on intellectual ability of students to forge their future. They offer the following courses


About Us

K.V Educational Academy is now a renowed name in the industry for their best eamcet short term coaching centers in Hyderabad. The academy specializes in delivering the subject to the students effectively in the short term either for intermediate or IPE and also keeping entrance exams in focus such as EAMCET, NEET, IIT-JEE and so on. 

We are further expanding our academy to accodomate degree students. In our academy, we focus on our students in an authentic and different ways of teaching such they grasp it easily and score their best in the examination. KV in Hyderabad for inter tutions has now been looking ahead to expand in more parts of Hyderabad and we now have 3 branches in Hyderabad, i.e, Malakpet, Mehdipatnam & Shah Ali Banda.

Our mission is to educate and make impact on all the students we coach to make them forge their own future with any difficulties later in their life. Therefore, we offers the foundation classes for the students to learn more effectively.

It is a great responsibility with which you entrust us when you place your child in our care. A responsibility that is quite challenging unless there is complete cooperation from all quarters. Other than the regular activities, we create awareness among our students, develop leadership skills and make them Responsible citizens of the society.

Education is the best gift that parents can give to their child. We believe in Educating a child during his/her various stages of development while being aware of its motivations and changing interests. Therefore, our philosophy as explained below is obvious right from our good intentions to the actions of every individual in the organization.


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It’s very important to keep yourself updated with how “SMART PEOPLE” learn effectively and increase their chances of success. We break down those tips out for you in our blog posts to help you understand the tips closely followed by smart people. 


How To Study Effectively & memorise?

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How to follow time tables effectively?

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How To Answer Question In Exams The right way?

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Your Future Starts Here.

At KV Academy, we revolutunize the education and provide you with ample knowledge and core skills along with predefined courses we have at our academy. With our extra hand made material, it can help student grasp the topics they need for the exam.